Digipal Holistic Solution

The Digipal Data Web (DDW) is based on multiple layers of smart sensor technology to create a cost effective, comprehensive, and holistic system to manage your supply chain.

DDW combines data from cellular IoT sensors, Wi-Fi transmitting sensors, Bluetooth transmitting tags, RFID reading and visual input barcodes.

Logistics Pallet Rental Analytics Real‑Time Monitoring

Parent – Child Tech Solution

Parents – Mobile hotspots

  • Wide area coverage

  • Cellular and Wi-Fi coverage

  • Integrated Memory

  • Location

  • 5 Years battery life


  • Wide Bluetooth Low Energy coverage

    ‘Hotspot’ effect since all Cleanpal parent devices are capable of observing children

Digipal Data Web (DDW)

  • The Dashboard is completely customizable to your specific needs

    Each pallet is unique with its own ID and current location

  • Authorized users have complete control over your supply chain

    Data is granular and can be drilled down to each pallet history and cycle pathway

  • Scalability is virtually unlimited

    We track over 40,000 assets with our IoT technology in the UK. Losses & bottlenecks have been eliminated from the fleet