About us

We aim to convert every asset from goods carrier to data carrier, reducing costs and increasing sales to our customers.

Company’s history

Digipal Founder and CEO was Director of Recycling Operations at General Electric Plastics back in the 90s, then founded and was CEO of Polymer Logistics – an innovative company in the field of plastic containers (RPC) products and pooling. Polymer Logistics was sold late 2019 to Tosca Ltd.

Digipal was established at the beginning of 2020 as Cleanpal and rebranded to Digipal in Oct 2021. In 2020 and 2021, Digipal introduced new pallet designs and Data services to various customers with very high customer satisfaction levels.

The Digipal team continues the innovative culture with most comprehensive and adoptive Digipal Data Web (DDW) as well as Digipal Plastic Pallet (DPP) enabling its customers to increase sales and reduce supply chain costs.

The team

  • Gideon Feiner


    Founder and former CEO of Polymer Logistics

  • Danit Cohen


    Former CFO at Polymer Logistics

  • Paul Pederson

    VP USA

    Former Marketing Director at Polymer Logistics and Food Safety Director at IFCO

  • Mattan David

    VP UK

    Former Supply Chain and IoT Director at Polymer Logistics

  • Dan Kroeker

    Operation Manager USA

    Former Operation Manager at Kroger

  • Vova Lubinski

    Head of Data & IOT

    Former Head Project Manager at Retalix-NCR